Company Overview


We started providing outdoor furniture in the European market 18 years ago.  We have continued to expand our factory capacity and enhanced different furniture lines successfully in every year that we have been in the market. Over the years, we perfected the art and skill of producing and manufacturing contemporary outdoor furniture. During peak season we have over 4000 skilled employees around the world who all have exceptional craftsmanship and creativity, thus giving us a competitive edge.


Creative Living was established in 2007 to help facilitate the marketing and sales in North America. In 2009, we developed the Factory Quick ship Warehouse program which expedited our services without compromising our standards. On November 1st 2013 our new brand Creative Living begins our North America Warehouse Program. We are shipping to the sunshine belt and have warehouses in three states; California, Texas and Florida with more warehouse’s in New Jersey and Illinois coming soon.


We are truly committed to providing top-notch customer satisfaction. You as the customer tell us what you want and what is in your budget and we will do what it takes to provide you a product that both shows value and boasts contemporary designs anyone would be happy with. We are passionate in sharing our vision of providing our customers will quality furniture.


We are the Factory


When we say we are direct to the factory we really mean it. We have two facilities located in China, one factory in Hangzhou has over 1 million square feet of usable factory space and during peak season has over 2500 factory workers, 60 of which are part of our research and development team. Our factory in Jiangsu is also over 1 million square feet and during peak season has close to 1500 factory workers. There is no middle man we are the factory and with warehouses strategically located across the US we can provide what you want when you want it.